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Don't talk for long! We'd rather show what we can do!

"Anyone can be a Berliner" - we are convinced that we can't find two people from Berlin who love this city for exactly the same reason. From this diversity and from these different attitudes we lace the flair that makes our events! In Berlin or from Berlin to Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart...

That's Us. That's Us.
That's Us. That's Us.
Gruppenfotografie von den Gründerinnen Jana und Alexandrader Berlinerei

The heart of our creative agency

1 + 1 = Berlinerei

"Pretty Best Friends" - it's a pity that this film already exists. If not, our film would be called so. More than 20 years ago, our paths crossed. Where do you think? At an event. With our energy and passion behind us, we founded an agency in which we use these qualities as a driving force. Always with an eye for the big picture! Always with that certain something! Always BERLINEREI creative agency. 

That's what we stand for as an event agency

Let's talk about VALUES, baby!


Every little thing at an event contributes to the big picture. Regional vendors: no problem. Edible tableware: sure! Efficient recycling of products: obviously. Everything is feasible.


Original, imaginative, unique - every brand, every company and every person is different. That's why we only offer events that fit 100% to our respective partner. 

Verkleidete Person in Nilpferd Maske sitzt an einer bunt dekorierten Theke

With FUN

We love what we do! We love the customers we work for! We burn for our business! You will feel that from the beginning - you can assume that. We celebrate your party, not ours!


Communication at eye level and as open as a book. That's how we always want to work with you. Our event management is therefore completely transparent and traceable.

You can always rely on us, we stand by our word and take a clear stance.

- Founders of Berlinerei Creative Agency

That's us...

We offer more than just event management

Our events are holistic. Our events are original. Our events are sustainable. Founded and based in Berlin, we have the privilege of demonstrating our experience as a creative agency for our clients both nationally and internationally. A roadshow in Munich? A product presentation in Hamburg? Yes, please!

Fotografie von zwei verkleideten Person in Maske


Conception and production - as project managers we create worlds. The size of the event and the location don't matter. Together with you and for you!

CSR / Sustainability Manager

Experts who support you and give you professional advice so that you can prepare a sustainability report independently, correctly and in compliance with the guidelines. We all know how important this report is.


The approach has often changed over the 20 years in which we have been able to build up our expertise. But we always look at the big picture and develop creative concepts that play on all channels and meet your target group where it is to be found.


A flexible team is at your service. We have the best of the best in different industries in our phone book and we call them when we need them for your event. This is how events work in 2023.


„Dieses Internet setzt sich niemals durch!“ – trotzdem betreuen wir dich auch bei der Entwicklung einer Social Media Strategie, setzen für dich um und analysieren im Nachgang. Wir bedienen dabei alle gängigen Plattformen, schalten Ads und kümmern uns um deine Community.


Sparring partner describes our role best. We are your view from the outside onto the image of your company or brand. We build the brand identity with you and for you, advise you on the strategy and develop it together with you.

Werbefotografie der Berlinerei Kreativagentur

Still not
seen enough?

We can say a lot of words about our projects, but often pictures and videos speak more than... so what! - stop with these empty phrases! Click here for more projects.

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